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Providing unparalleled team and individual professional development with your business goals at the center.

Expert Facilitation

Expert Facilitation

Caravel Consulting provides skilled facilitation for organizations and individual executives requiring a resource to lead, identify, gather data, dissect and synthesize information to develop and then implement effective action plans.

Speaking and Workshops

Speaking & Workshops

Marla Tipping is a dynamic, relevant, interesting and even funny keynote and workshop speaker who can develop and present topics affecting your business and your people.

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MILLENNIA Leaders Program

The MILLENNIA Leaders Program (“Leaders Program”) is a small group, cross-organization professional development process for women. Marla Tipping has been leading and facilitating the Leaders Program for the past 21 years.

Customized Leadership and Team Development

Leadership & Team Development

Could your team operate more effectively? Do you need to examine the strengths of individual team members and craft a plan for using those strengths for greater effect? Do you believe your team could work better with some honest feedback and actionable plans for using that feedback?

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