MILLENNIA Leaders Program

MILLENNIA Leaders Program

The MILLENNIA Leaders Program (“Leaders Program”) is a small group, cross-organization professional development process for women.  Marla Tipping has been leading and facilitating the Leaders Program for the past 21 years. The Leaders Program is intended for high potential, emerging leaders and is used as both a development and retention tool for companies and organizations.

The Program takes place over 2 and ½ days followed by three additional meetings over the course of six months.

The Leaders Program produces results in two specific ways. First, the participants are asked to solicit feedback from a boss, several peers and/or staff, as well as individuals from their personal lives. That feedback is compiled and used in the course of the 2 and ½ day session to assist the participants in the development of a strategic career plan for use in achieving articulated advancement goals. Participants are able to identify and make plans to adjust their own approach to work goals, performance standards and sophistication in managing the relationships needed to be successful.

Second, the Leaders Program allows these women to build strong professional relationships with peers outside their organization. This works to strengthen the participants’ ability to problem solve with external peers who truly understand each other’s respective work settings and to achieve greater professional outcomes inside their own organizations. This external peer group allows participants to become more effective as leaders and leads to greater job satisfaction and retention.

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Marla Tipping understands both the participants’ individual development needs and the business objectives of her client companies.

The Leaders Program is highly regarded and routinely used by the following list of representative clients, among many others:

Bremer Bank

Carleton College

Radisson Hotels Group

Ever-Green Energy


Constellation Mutual



Polaris Corporation

Schwan’s Consumer Brands

Lutheran Social Services

Minnetonka Moccasin

Thrivent Financial

TCF Banks

Lindquist & Vennum

CPC Industries


Capella University

Best Buy

" I was introduced to Marla by a former colleague who had highly recommended the Millennia Leaders Program for women. After speaking with Marla, I knew the program would be a great fit for me – mid-career, achieved some cool success for sure, though wanting more. Her program certainly did that. She helped me develop a keener self-awareness, refine my intentional personal brand and so much more. Her program works. I tell friends and colleagues about her often and say the following, “we’ve all completed a lot of self-development activities through our career. This one sticks.” "

Susan A. TCF Banks

" Marla and the MILLENNIA Leaders Program have given me unvarnished advice and support from a very smart group of women. They don't sugar coat obstacles or let things be easily swept under the rug, and they also have provided some of the most encouraging feedback I've ever received. I know that I can trust them to tell me exactly what it will take to face the challenges I encounter in both my personal and professional life - so much so that I have taken on significantly more responsibility at work. With confidence. Not without fear, but with the courage to go forward anyway I've even been promoted twice in the time since we first gathered! 

Opportunities for women to build each other up in a healthy, sustained way are rare. I have been moved by the great intention with which Marla crafted the shape of our conversation and let plans go when it felt necessary to pursue a topic that wasn't on the agenda. It's been an example of how to “lead from behind”, which may sound trendy, but there's truth in its power to grow others, and Marla does it with ease.

I have learned, among other things, how to acknowledge my issues while not fixating on them. How to listen attentively to others' issues without trying to solve them. How to acknowledge my circumstances and move toward realistic goals. And above all I have witnessed and benefitted from the unwavering support of a group of women unafraid to be vulnerable, take risks and offer wisdom, feedback and support to each other. "

Cecily C, Client Solutions Architects

" Marla has created an engaging program that gives you enormous insight into the success of leadership, Self-Awareness. Marla is engaging, inspiring and a considerable resource for anyone looking to make quantum leaps in their career. Through her friendship and guidance, she has helped me view myself differently and has guaranteed my lifetime success at home and at the office. "

Mindy B, Opus Corporation

" I am a graduate of Marla’s development program. The program, with its peer-support model, provided a clear focus and perspective on my strengths, development opportunities and trajectory. It has made a difference for me and my employers! Since then I have regularly referred her and the MILLENNIA Leaders Program to other women. "

Jane D, CPC Industries

" Participating in the MILLENNIA leaders program was one of the best opportunities I have had, professionally and personally. Marla has an amazing ability to truly understand people, which allows her to bring the perfect mix of personalities together. The program offers you a deep dive into your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and values, in an open and honest way. Having a group of smart, strong, caring, professional women to do so with makes the experience all the more worthwhile. I participated right as I was moving into a leadership role, and Marla and the group really helped me discern what type of leader I want to be, where I can strengthen my skills, and how to move effectively toward future goals. As I continue in my career, I have a great network to lean on for advice and guidance.

Marla is doing incredible work for women professionals. "

Brooke C, Radisson Hotel Group

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